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SINCE 2000

The “Pompes Funèbre de Cassar” help you…

For funeral arrangements, we meet with the families at their home (24h24), in our offices or at any other location at their convenience.


Cremation is a process which consists of burning and reducing to ashes the body of the deceased. The ashes can then be :


given back to the family to be kept at home, buried or scattered in a private place.
Brought to the cemetery to be buried in an existing grave, buried in a new grave, placed in a columbarium or put in a mass grave (Garden of remembrance).
Transferred abroad


Interment is a funeral ritual which consists of burying the coffin in the ground or in a vault. The tomb can be

One tomb after the other, free for local inhabitants
Concession :the location of the tomb can be chosen by the family (fee to be paid for a minimum of 30 years)
Vault : fee to be paid for a minimum of 30 years.


The deceased can be transferred abroad to be buried or cremated in their country.

A professional service

Choice of burial : cremation or interment
Choice of the ceremony : religious, secular, no ceremony, moment of remembrance
Place of the ceremony : church, funeral chapel
Composing the obituary, with the family and then transferring it to the newspapers in Switzerland or abroad
Ordering flower arrangements for the funeral service
Providing various funeral items (coffin, urn,ornaments, mortuary shirt, cross fort he cemetery, etc.
We also organize, when necessary, transfers abroad
We come to the place of death (at home, hospital, hospice or other) to transfer the deceased .

We take care of all the preparation, dressing the deceased in their personal clothes or mortuary shirt and install them in the coffin and according to the wishes of the deceased or the families we then install them in a funeral chapel or at home.

We also take care of all the different administrative formalities with the different local authorities.